When to use SEO Canonicalization?

Sometimes the content is the same on different web pages, and Google does not understand which page it should index in search results. To overcome this issue, the rel=“canonical” tag was discovered. With the help of this tag, search engines know to index the preferred page rather than duplicate ones. This tag allows you to tell the search engine where the original content is located.

Google likes original, unique, and valuable content rather than copied pages from other sources and sites. This is the reason why duplicate content is considered an enemy of SEO.

How do users interact with websites?

  • Mobile visitors: A lot of web traffic comes from users browsing on their smartphones. As such, websites should be easily accessible for mobile visitors.
  • Responsive design: Ensure your website renders well on different devices. A responsive web design automatically adjusts for users on desktop and mobile.  
  • AMP: Accelerated mobile pages deliver content to mobile searchers at a greater speed than with non-AMPs. It passes the information faster by displaying content from cache servers rather than the original site. It uses the AMP version of HTML and JavaScript. 
  • Page speed: We should focus on improving page speed to avoid the frustration of visitors. The code used in HTML, CSS, JavaScript should be clean and compress. Images and videos should be optimized properly. All the things that become the reason for lowering the speed of the site should be neglected.
  • Image optimization: Images are considered as one of the biggest reasons for a site’s slow speed. As such, compressing images and using the right image file format makes a big difference. 

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How to Optimize Images for SEO?

How to Optimize Images for SEO?

How to Optimize Images It’s not only text you can optimize. You can optimize images for search engines as well. To improve the SEO of a site, image optimization is very important. Image optimization can help improve the website’s performance. The fewer the byte the...