How to Optimize Images

It’s not only text you can optimize. You can optimize images for search engines as well. To improve the SEO of a site, image optimization is very important. Image optimization can help improve the website’s performance. The fewer the byte the browser has to download, the less competition there is for the client’s bandwidth and faster the browser can download the image and show the useful content on the screen. So for this output, we first need to perform some techniques for image optimization. Let’s break down how to do so below.

Image Name

Remember to name your images. Try to come up with something descriptive and relevant.

Image Size

Compress the file before uploading it to your site to decrease load time.

Image file format (.png, .jpeg)

Include images in different file formats.


Add a caption to your image that is descriptive and relates to the image.

Alt Text

Don’t leave the alt text blank; fill it out so search engine crawlers can better understand the content on your website.